The Story

Superskins™ was conceived out of a little frustration on a great five-day golfing break to Portugal with four friends. On the last day the golf needed to be a little more fun, a little less serious and a just a bit different and the concept of a game of ‘Skins’ with a set of ‘No Win’ cards that introduced a certain element of ‘chance’ was introduced and Superskins™ was born!


After three days of playing ‘Stableford’ points golf, a sense of ‘deja vu’ set-in! So, one of the group sat in his hotel room on the penultimate night and decided that the ‘game’ on the last morning would be ‘Skins’, but with a difference… using 18 drinks mats from the bar, 18 ‘No-Win’ cards were penned, coloured-in and produced in the morning over coffee!

The ‘very few’ rules were outlined and two cards each were dealt out to each player. These were pocketed and the first ‘No-WIn’ card came out on hole 7 – an ‘overjoyed’ winner soon became a very frustrated ‘loser’ when he realised the 24 Euro’s were not coming his way and that the hole was going to be a roll-over!

Great fun was had by all and the Superskins™ cards added a hilarious, ‘have they -haven’t they got the card’, situation to each winning putt.

Superskins™ was well and truly born on the golf course at San Lorenzo and the next time the game saw the light of day it had been developed to include the ‘Caddy’ and the ‘Handicap’ cards, which simply added an even more fiendish and fun element to the game.

We hope that golfers everywhere enjoy the Superskins™ experience – but please remember that it is only a game, so don’t take it too seriously… and enjoy responsibly!

Please let us know by email or via our social channels what you think of the Superskins™ concept and let us know any ‘funny’ stories involving the game.

We have more cards being written and designed and we will introduce these as the game develops. We also have a pack being designed for ‘lady’ golfers which we hope will be well received.

Please email us your name and email address and we will keep you updated.

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out Superskins™.