The on-course golf game that can spice up ANY game of golf!

Superskins™ No Win Cards ... Think you’ve won ... think again!

Superskins™ Caddy Cards ... when you need a helping hand!

Superskins™ Handicap Cards ... sometimes it has to be done!

The Game

Superskins is an easy to play, on-course golf game, for 2 to 4 players, that is simple and fun.

Simply agree with your playing partners how many No Win, Caddy and Handicap cards are in play (usually one or two of each), deal them out to all players on the first tee, make sure they are all kept ‘secret’ and start playing Superskins!

Simply the most fun that we have had as a four-ball on the golf course for years! I would recommend keeping a pack in your bag. A. Baker. H/C 14

Skins has always been a good game to play. Superskins™ has just made it a GREAT game to play. Charles Giddins - PGA Pro

We played Superskins™ on a golf-break in Portugal. After three-days of normal golf it was a real tonic. Simon Berger. H/C 18

Different EVERY time. Now a firm favourite. G. Oakley. H/C 8

My wife brought me a pack for Christmas. . .we’ve now played it a fair few times and it’s always different - love it . . . thanks Stuart Finch. H/C 20

Unusual and totally unexpected - we were all surprised at how well it worked. Cost me a few bob in lost bets though . . . Phil Evans. H/C 8

Saw this online and took a punt as less than a tenner! Works well and makes a nice break... James Noakes. H/C 10

What’s in the Pack?

  • 18 No Win cards
  • 12 Caddy cards
  • 12 Handicap cards
  • A full set of rules


Whats in the pack?

Who is Superskins™ for?

Basically Superskins™ is for everyone that plays and loves golf and occasionally wants to play a round that isn’t quite as serious . . .

Superskins is also great for:

  • Golf societies
  • Three & Four-balls
  • Charity golf games
  • Golf-breaks and team games
  • Golfers who enjoy a little flutter
  • Ladies and men golfers
  • Golfers who want a little ‘fun’
  • AND anyone who wants to buy a GREAT gift for the golfer in their life!
Whos is Superskins for?

Superskins™ is ONLY £9.95 per pack with FREE P&P