The on-course golf game that can spice up ANY game of golf!

Superskins™ No Win Cards ... Think you’ve won ... think again!

Superskins™ Caddy Cards ... when you need a helping hand!

Superskins™ Handicap Cards ... sometimes it has to be done!

No Win Cards

The 18 No Win cards in the Superskins pack bring a real edge to your game - now when ANY player wins a hole they are not sure if someone has the No Win card appropriate for that hole secreted away... just waiting to play it and wipe-out the win!

This unique element of the ‘No Win’ cards in the Superskins pack means many more ‘roll-overs’ and therefore, bigger ‘stakes’!

No win cards

Caddy Cards

Put simply, these 12 Caddy cards are your ‘get out of jail free’ cards. Simply choose to play with one or two Caddy cards each and keep yours secret until required! Bring out your ‘Caddy’ card when you are in trouble and, hopefully, gain an advantage to take the win - and the stake!

Each of the 12 ‘Caddy’ cards have different instructions to try and help YOU out when needed!

Caddy cards

Handicap Cards

These 12 Handicap cards are the exact opposite of the Caddy cards! Designed to cause an opponent a little ‘grief’ to ensure that you gain an ‘unfair’ advantage when you feel it appropriate! Play your Handicap cards well and prepare for some abuse... fun and mischief indeed, but all done in the true golfing style!

All 12 ‘Handicap’ cards in the pack have individual ‘problems’ designed to gently hinder your opponents!

Handicap Cards

The Superskins™ Rules

Playing the on-course golf game of Superskins is simple! Each pack contains 18 No Win cards, 12 Caddy cards and 12 Handicap cards AND a full set of rules.

Superskins is based on the tried and tested game of ‘Skins’ with a few ‘tweaks’.

All you need to do at the start of each game of Superskins is:

  • Agree how many of each ‘set’ of cards are in play
  • Deal the cards before reaching the 1st tee
  • Keep cards secret until used
  • All cards should be followed ‘exactly’
  • Used cards to be placed back in pack
  • Accept ALL consequences in good spirits - and have fun!

Superskins™ is ONLY £9.95 per pack with FREE P&P